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Resource page offers additional info about construction process, interesting facts about architecture, art and music, quotes, sketches and links to government incentives.

Guide to building permits: From idea to use of the facility

Not sure what you need from the documentation to obtain a building permit? You would like to know more about all the steps necessary to get a use permit? The answers to all your questions can be found at the following link. The “Building Permits Guide” is a detailed guide to all procedures in a unified procedure – from the idea to the use of the facility.

Public call for the allocation of funds for financing the Program for energy rehabilitation of residential buildings, family houses and apartments

The subject of the Public Call is the financing of the Program which includes the following energy measures efficiency:

1) improving the thermal envelope through:

(1) replacement of external windows and doors and other transparent thermal elements
(2) installation of thermal insulation of walls, ceilings above open passages,
walls, floors on the ground and other parts of the thermal envelope towards the unheated space,
(3) installation of thermal insulation under the roof covering.

2) improvement of building’s thermo-technical systems by replacing a system or part of a system
more efficient system through:

(1) replacement of the existing space heater (boiler or stove) with more efficient ones,
(2) replacement of the existing or installation of a new pipe network, radiator heaters
and accessories,
(3) installation of heat pumps (space heater or combined heater),
(4) installation of electronically regulated circulation pumps,
(5) equipping the heating system with control and measuring devices
amount of heat to the building (calorimeters, heat distributors, balance valves),
3) installation of solar collectors in the installation for central preparation of consumables
hot water,
4) installation of solar panels and accompanying installations for the production of electricity
energy for their own needs.

You can get more information at the following link:


Ivan Ilic (TinnituS) is a Serbian music artist working in the fields of sound design and music. He was born in Bor, Serbia in 1980., and lives in Belgrade. Coming from an engineering background, Ivan is fascinated by modular synthesizers and mathematical rules based composition. Since 1996. he has produced electronic music under different names for various independent movies, and theaters with various local artist. After he graduated in TV and audio technologies at Advanced School of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade in 2006. he was working there as a lecturer of MIDI Systems and Sound Design. He started his project Tinnitus in 2017.

Qče Films

QČE is a production company working on quirky feature and documentary films that don’t fit any profile. It rather choses a lifeful mountain path than a safe freeway.