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BIONIQUE - office for architectural and interior design
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Architecture office BIONIQUE and their team of architects and collaborators offer you services in the field of design and construction.

Our design process is oriented towards setting up an entire developing process in which new solutions, ideas, forms, and materials are constantly born. We coordinate and verify construction processes, analyze previous experiences and projects, and search for their creative work.

We work on a precise and detailed analysis of things and the existing as the only acceptable principle.

We are fully committed to every project and with our clients, we go through all the design and construction stages and provide them with all the required information regarding all relevant processes.

Our team is creating spaces inspired by the real world, in accordance with the environment and the „spirit of the place. “ We create spaces qualified as „open,“ simple, and highly connected with social life, activities, and nature. Relying on our previous experiences, we help our clients achieve added value for their facilities in an artistic, cultural, material, symbolic, and financial sense.

Our work is based on reality and context, on aims and content.


Our office is in charge of the following technical documentation:

Pre-Design Phase / Feasibility Study

Schematic Design (SD)

Design Development Phase (DD)

Construction Documents (CD)


Construction Administration (CA)

Measured Building Surveys

groundfloor - architectural office Bionique - OUR SERVICES

Architectural detail is the place where the multidisciplinary aspect of this profession stands out. This detail comprises all the artistic, engineering, philosophical, economic, and financial knowledge and work of an architect.

At Architecture Office BIONIQUE, accuracy, preciseness, applicability and logic of the architectural detail are crucial. We pay a lot of attention to dealing with each form, starting from manual sketches to final drawings and 3D models of the details.

Flat roof section - architectural office Bionique - OUR SERVICES


BIM (Building information modeling)

Building information modeling (BIM) uses different tools and technologies for creating a data-rich 3D model. This enables real-time cooperation among all the professionals involved in the construction project. This work approach leads to the optimization of all the aspects of the project and improvement in the matter of expenses, safety, and efficiency through the entire lifecycle of buildings.

Having many years of experience working with this technology helps us anticipate the following:

Early problem detection – elements of conflict that are part of the building’s design are identified during the modelling phase, thus preventing expensive changes during the construction.

Planning improvements – project elements can be divided more efficiently with intelligent modelling use, giving the possibility of better organization, control, and optimization of workload.

Construction Automation

Improved construction process – BIM generates the workflow  – all changes made during the construction process can be updated automatically for all parties working on the building site.

animated BIM section - OUR SERVICES
BIM – perspective section of the object


Our team offers solutions for intelligent energy use with the aim of constructing and optimizing the use of energy-efficient and climate-neutral buildings.

Our priority is to project objects as low-energy buildings with minimal impact on climate and the natural environment, which at the same offer their beneficiaries a healthy life environment and maximum comfort.

By applying energy-efficient principles and measures, these buildings aim to produce as much energy as they spend yearly on heating, climatization, ventilation, lighting, and equipment use.

Our services cover:

Conducting energy-efficiency study

Calculating the energy performance of the building envelope

Designing construction details to avoid cold bridges and condensation in layers

Professional assistance in defining and determining the appropriate use of green technologies  (heat pumps, solar panels, etc.)

Analysis of the existing energy condition of the facility

Improvements in the energy performance of existing buildings

energy efficiency section - our services
- our services
Sun analysis


Investors can let our team compile all the secondary processes and activities during construction, as well as ensure the realization supervision and exploitation success, and control of activities during the construction process through evaluation, engineering, and project management.   

In the field of consulting, Architecture Office BIONIQUE with this form of leading and managing investments finds and eliminates any potential issues and contributes to the rationalisation of construction.

We provide the following services:

Project process coordination

Tracking and controlling project changes

Carrying out processes via the Central Register of Integrated Procedures (CEOP)

Design and professional project monitoring during construction works

Construction cost plans and estimates

Collecting and preparing all required documentation for the facility’s technical acceptance and obtaining an occupancy permit


Architecture office BIONIQUE offers their clients consultations in the field of construction and investments with the goal of obtaining a quality facility in every aspect – constructional, functional, structural, economic, and energy aspects.

Thanks to the knowledge of current local law regulations and rules (as well as many years of experience with law regulations in France and Switzerland – SIA norms), analysis of planning documentation, and geodetic and geo-mechanical characteristics of the area, we successfully analyze and estimate the real condition of each location, its advantages, and constraints.



Our clients can easily have a look at suggested architectural briefs via modern visual tools – computer-generated imagery (CGI) and virtual reality (VR). Thanks to these tools, clients can use VR headsets and, in certain project phases, get a better idea of the space under construction – as if it was already built. Services in this field cover:

3D modelling

3D visualization


Animation design

modern container house on beach



Nowadays, a significant number of possibilities for creating smart homes are available – such as audio and video system regulation, artificial lighting, heating, ventilation and climatization systems, curtain and solomatic control, and finally, safety options for the entire house.

We help our clients decide which systems will be controlled depending on the use of rooms, in which way the house/facility will function as a whole, how it will work in the future (in case of certain changes in space organization), and depending on the budget.

Architecture office BIONIQUE and their collaborators provide services in the field of designing „smart home“ technology that cover:

Defining the terms of reference with the investor

Creating a concept and elaborating the preliminary smart home design

Disposition proposal  and detailed specification of smart devices

Designing a scenario for system setup and use to improve comfort, safety, and energy saving.