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BIONIQUE - office for architectural and interior design
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About Bionique (French, it is pronounced – /bjɔnik/)

what does BIONIQUE mean?

Common meanning:

– Having or denoting an artificial, typically electromechanical, body part or parts.

– Having normal biological capability or performance enhanced by electronic or electromechanical devices(Informal)

– Having exceptional strength, endurance, or ability.

– (The science of bionics) Use of knowledge about how biological systems work to help solve engineering problems.

Meaning in architecture:

– Bionic architecture is a contemporary movement that studies the physiological, behavioural, and structural adaptions of biological organisms as a source of inspiration for designing and constructing expressive buildings.

Meaning in our case:

Bionic has a more symbolic / transferred meaning – it stands for the principle / approach to solving problems in architecture in accordance with the principles of preservation of natural values, with a sense of environment and the identity of the location. Every project originates and grows out from the location. As such, it relies on modern technical and constructive solutions and adequate materials in order to achieve better performance and better exploitation of facilities.


Architecture office Bionique was founded in 2009 by Adam Špehar as a studio for interior design and 3D visualizations. During the last 10 years, the bureau has been active in parallel with other engagements of the founders in the field of architecture, while in 2021 it changes the structure and becomes the main engagement with a clearly defined vision of architectural practice.

Bionique is an architecture office that applies modern constructive and technical knowledge, principles and measures of energy efficiency and specific concepts for each location and project task of the client, taking into account the entire life cycle of buildings.


From the very beginning, our practice has focused on creating human-oriented design, as well as sustainable design. We have determined that our environmental and social commitment will be focused on the development and creation of energy efficient projects with zero carbon dioxide (zero-carbon) emissions and on buildings that use environmentally friendly construction techniques, materials and energy sources.



Today, the architecture office Bionique has three employees who have 10 years of mutual cooperation on both domestic and international projects (Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Tunisia, Indonesia, Russia).

Our practice includes architecture, interior design, building renovation, 3d modeling and visualization, 3d animation, energy efficiency and investment value assessment. We have licenses for architectural design and energy efficiency. The bureau cooperates on its projects with civil engineers, engineers of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical installations and experts in automation (“smart home” systems).

The architecture office Bionique looks at the specific wishes, requirements and problems of clients, not global trends. We create new and appropriate concepts for each project. Bionique also uses regular design and software solutions to standard requirements and problems.



– Individuals or families building their home.

– Investors who are investing in real estate for the first time.

– Clients who want to improve the energy performance of their facilities.

– Companies with many years of experience that want to increase their space and program capacity.

– Other architectural offices


Architecture office Bionique helps its clients to get acquainted with applicable laws, regulations and procedures, with construction systems and the cost of construction. We explain to them in more detail what architects do and how much their engagement is worth. Our goal is for clients to gain the trust that architects, together with other engineers, will help them fulfill their wishes and expectations with their knowledge and skills.


How much will it cost to build a new house? What are the procedures for obtaining all necessary permits (before, during and after the construction of the facility)? What are all the fees paid? What are the hidden costs? How long will the construction take? How demanding / laborious is the whole process? How to make an off-grid house – to remain independent of electrical systems, water supply and sewerage systems, etc.?

Is the plot suitable for investing in it? What are the rules of construction and the maximum square footage that can be achieved on it? Are there any potential problems for construction on that plot? Up to what maximum cost price is it worth negotiating when buying a plot? Where can you save on construction while maintaining quality? How to build as few square meters of common areas as provided by the law on construction and regulations, while providing future tenants with maximum living comfort?

How much will the upgrade / upgrade / adaptation of the business space cost and how will it be reported without affecting the current business? Is the space / concept flexible? What will be the maintenance costs? What will be the energy consumption for heating and cooling? Is it worth investing in renewable energy sources – using solar panels, heat pumps, photovoltaic cells, geothermal heating?


Members of the Bionique bureau have previously worked on projects that have received international recognition from well-known companies such as Velux and Xella, in competitions and participated in a significant number of architectural salons in Belgrade and Novi Sad.

2024 – TERRAVIVA Architectural Competition – Lignano Pinewood Eco-hotel


Lignano Pinewood ECO-HOTEL

2020 – VELUX – Bringing Light To Life – Architectural design awards – BLL 2020

Special Award Serbia ID-554

KOT11 – urban villa in Novi Sad

2020 – XELLA – Triumpf 2020 – Architecture and building awards 2020

Best appartment building

KOT11 – urban villa in Novi Sad

2020 – 22th Salon Of Architecture – Novi Sad


KOT11 – urban villa in Novi Sad

2020 – The Museum of Contepmporary art of Vojvodina

Selection of most succesful architectural projects in Vojvodina

KOT11 – urban villa in Novi Sad

2018 – 21th Salon Of Architecture – Novi Sad


City Gallery GrGa

2016 – 20th Salon Of Architecture – Novi Sad


Green Boulevard | Commercial Complex

2017 – Delta Holding Serbia – Interior design competition

3rd prize

Delta Planet | Shopping Mall

2016 – Pinocchio Puppet Theatre – Theatre renovation competition

Compensation for the ecological solution (energy efficiency approach)

Pinnochio Theatre renovation – competition

2014 – 19th Salon Of Architecture – Novi Sad


Lake House

2015 – MPU/MAA – 37th Salon Of Architecture – Belgrade

Architecture – Selection

Apartment building upgrade – Av. du Gros-Chêne, Onex, Switzerland

2015 – MPU/MAA – 37th Salon Of Architecture – Belgrade

Competition – Selection

P|A|V – Urban block reconstruction, Geneva, Switzerland