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Our architecture office applies modern constructive and technical knowledge, principles and measures of energy efficiency and specific concepts for each location and project task of the client, taking into account the entire life cycle of buildings.

modern container house on beach - Architecture office Bionique
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We provide full ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN SERVICES and consultancy services during the construction phase.

Architecture office Bionique looks at the specific wishes, requirements and problems of clients, not global trends. We create new and appropriate concepts for each project. Bionique also uses regular design and software solutions to standard requirements and problems.

From the very beginning, our practice has focused on creating human-oriented design, as well as sustainable design.

Our projects include urban, architectural & construction measures to achieve grater building’s ENERGY EFFICIENCY with a careful balance between minimum energy consumption and quality living or working comfort.

conceptual section view describing overheating - Architecture office Bionique
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Our work also includes INTERIOR DESIGN SERVICES.


Our clients can easily see the proposed architectural solutions through modern visual tools – Virtual Reality (VR). This computer-generated environment allows customers to get a better sense of the space being created at certain stages of design through VR glasses – as if it had already been built.

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